A wide range of services that cater to the mining industry and other heavy industries


tank & Pipe inspection

We offer a set of comprehensive tank and pipe NDT inspection services based on industry inspection guides and codes. These inspections are aimed at above-ground storage tanks and process tanks and pipe and can be easily scheduled just before or after mill shutdown dates.

mobile equipment inspection

With the same spirit of commitment to safety and productivity that we have with our mill inspection services, our approach to mobile equipment inspection is very similar except with an even more direct hands-on approach. Relying on our experience as visual inspectors as well as in our "cord-less NDT" methods. Safety takes a heightened priority to match the treacherous working conditions that are commonly encountered out in the pit.

mobile equipment_edited.jpg

lifting device inspection

Critical lifts rely HEAVILY on the integrity of these simple machines but our detailed visual inspection and Magnetic Particle Testing checks can help us help you sleep better at night. Inspecting your crane hooks and other lifting devices before your shutdown is a practice that we highly recommend!

specialized services

Need something that isn't quite "off the shelf". We can work with you to find custom NDT solutions where other NDT companies might turn you away. We love a good challenge. 

We also have experience will limited access inspection work: rope access, confined space, explosive atmosphere rated equipment, offshore know the drill!