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Co-founders Donald Malenfant and Richard Malenfant (Father and Son) share over 35 years of combined industrial services and inspection experience; laying a strong foundation from a diverse set of technical backgrounds including information technology, environmental engineering, industrial technology and more.


Malenfant Technical Services (or "MTS") is a technical services company that specializes in 3rd Party Inspection applications and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services for mining and processing equipment and other heavy industrial assets. Despite operating primarily as a vendor for NDT services, we consider ourselves to be more of an industrial services provider, offering a wider range of solutions and aiming to provide more than a traditional NDT approach. 

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While most companies in our line of work might prefer cleaner working conditions, we don't consider ourselves to be the average NDT company and don't mind getting dirty on the job...or greasy for that matter. We consider the practice of gear washing for the purposes of inspection to be a relatively high-risk practice that presents unnecessary hazards to the mill and to personnel. With our simplified and less costly approach to gear inspection, there is no risk of damaging an unlubricated gear or its spray systems and the industrial hygiene concerns posed by heavy solvents are eliminated. Plus, the overall process of inspection is faster, simpler and less expensive.


We are headquartered in the state of Massachusetts USA, with several satellite locations around North America including Alberta Canada, Ontario Canada and Monterrey Mexico. We offer our services internationally and have experience mobilizing to all parts of the world.


In 2008, we helped pioneer the application of eddy current array for the inspection of large diameter gears during a time when the technology was almost exclusively used in aerospace and military applications. While traditional eddy current methods had already been in use for many years for the inspection of gears; eddy current array was still in it's early development and wasn't yet the widely accepted and recommended inspection method that it is today.


Since going independent in 2018, we have strived to become one of the most trusted suppliers of 3rd party inspection services by major insurance companies, mechanical engineering firms and mining operations in North America and around the globe.


As a company, we strive to be the most trusted name in the industry for providing safe, reliable and professional inspection services to the mining and heavy industries. As a member of a global community, we consider ourselves to be leaders in innovation considering our specific areas of focus and expertise.  


We consider trust to be critical in all relationships. Business relationships are no different and that is why we believe in educating our customers and partners rather than keeping them in the dark. Over the years we have worked hard to de-mystify the capabilities and limitations of NDT in the application of gear inspection through customer training and have even published articles on the topic. As technology advances we make it our goal to stay informed to ensure that we are offering the best services for our clients.


A company is nothing without people. The professional, creative, strong minded, unstoppable forces of nature that we employ in our organization are eager to be unleashed upon the world. With open minds, adventurous spirits, a diverse set of skills and backgrounds and a unifying love for the heavy-industrial contractor lifestyle; we look forward to meeting you with a smile and firm hand-shake (or fist-bump) before safely and professionally carrying out our duties. Nobody is perfect, everyone has strengths and weaknesses, everyone has good days and bad days but as a team we work hard to cultivate a community that pays it forward and encourages open communication, collaboration, safety, trust and mutual respect.

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