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Scan through the grease.
ASTM E2905 compliant.
Find out why they call us "the gear guys".

While traditional inspection methods require costly and potentially hazardous gear cleaning, our approach is to reduce risk to an absolute minimum all while maintaining a high probability of detecting cracks.

If you need to flush your gear of contaminants and want to do it safely, without production losses, check out "Dynasol EP" an advanced gear cleaning product designed specifically for that purpose.

What makes our approach different?


Our specialized gear inspection technicians are experienced and are trained specifically how to handle the many risks and challenges of completing gear inspections around the globe. Fed by a rich company culture that promotes hard work and quality results, our up-beat and strong willed team of technicians get the job done safe and on-time. 



As early adopters of advanced NDT technology originating in the aerospace and nuclear power generation industries, we understand and use various methods to complement each other to provide the most comprehensive inspection data possible while keeping within inspection-cost and time limitations. Not only are we using the best technology. We are also dedicated to using the most reliable, robust and trusted testing equipment available on the market. 


We take great care in ensuring that our reports represent us well, and even more importantly; they represent you well. We consider it important that our reports are easy to read and understand, are comprehensive and educational; and we never stop making improvements.

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Since we started performing these inspections; industry standards such as ASTM E2905 have been published to aid in the adoption of new techniques and technologies. We are proud to have been among the first to explore the application of eddy current array for the inspection of gear teeth, however; that isn't where the story ends. Over the years, our internal standards have continued to evolve by consulting with and incorporating the methodologies of leading engineering associations, OEMs and insurance industry experts to help raise the bar.


It doesn't matter what metric you look at, the risks of our service are lower. Our method takes less time which makes it less costly in terms of downtime therefore reducing financial risks. Also, gear cleaning is optional; which means no risk of damage to the gear or of harm to personnel during the cleaning process. Plus, if there is an urgent need to return the mill to service, the gear is still coated in its protective lubricant and ready to put back into service. That's our "Truely Non-Destructive" approach.

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