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advanced, high speed, low risk solutions  

Using a blend of testing methods our technicians can record and trend valuable inspection data throughout the service-life of an asset. We are known for producing high-quality reports that are recognized by asset insurers as well as major engineering firms as some of the best in the industry. Our goal is to help our customers understand more about their equipment through precise and easy to interpret, data-driven reports.

We offer all of the services below as parts of our complete Mill or Kiln Integrity Inspection package that is specifically created to detect high-risk flaws and conditions that lead to catastrophic failure. Our experience and specialized methods allow us to get the job done faster and safer than traditional methods, all while adapting to the demands set by shutdown working conditions. 

Gear & pinion inspection

Inspection of gear and pinion teeth using eddy current array is what we do best. We have built our reputation as pioneers of the application which affords us such service capabilities; including:

Gear Cleaning is OPTIONAL.

Our mission is to get in, get the job done and get out as quickly and safely as possible so that you can get back to production.

Our high standard of quality for data and reporting will leave you (and your insurance company) with peace of mind.

ultrasonic Thickness testing and flaw detection

Inspection of the shell, heads and trunnions for internal wall-loss is an effective method of detecting washouts that can be caused by mill liner failure. Due to the nature of these types of failures it is best to plan them on an annual or semi-annual basis. 

With our approach, these inspections can be completed in-tandem with annual gear teeth inspections as a part of our comprehensive mill inspection package.


lubrication system & dynamic pinion temperature analysis

We take a close look at the lubrication system of the mill to determine it's effectiveness and can detect potential alignment issues by analysis of pinion temperatures during operation. 

In many cases it is convenient to plan these tests the day before a planned shutdown as part of our pre-shutdown inspection services.

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