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Data trending and reporting

We take technical writing and reporting seriously


As an inspection company, we recognize that at the end of each service it is our reports that are left behind to represent us...and our customers. While some consider NDT inspection work to be a "thankless job" with minimal need for much effort to be put into reports, we consider the report to be a direct representation of our company's integrity and therefore of very high priority.


Data Management:

As a part of our inspection services, we securely store and maintain all raw inspection data on behalf of our customers. We do not charge additional fees for copies of reports and we do not "hold reports hostage" for collections purposes. If you need anything, you just need to ask for it. 


Continuous Improvement:

We work to continuously improve our reporting, data processing and analysis strategies to get information across more effectively and in less time without cost increase.

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Data Mapping

This easy to interpret data visualization technique is great for displaying a "wide-angle" view of an asset's integrity, regardless of the size of the asset.


3D Isometric ECA Analysis

Used primarily to map gear tooth defects, ECA's 3D capabilities make for a great visual aid in reports and can help gauge the severity of indications.


Phased Array Measurement

The ultimate "zoomed-in" look at volumetric indications. Although sometimes more difficult to interpret, ultrasonic scans can render information that no other NDT method can at comparable cost and speed.

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